Maintenance and repair solutions

We offer Preventative Maintenance contracts and servicing on all manufactured biological irradiator & imaging systems for our UK, Ireland and European customers.

X-ray Irradiators
Precision SmART, MultiRad, X-RAD and CellRad ranges.

Imaging Systems
Faxitron UltraFocus and MultiFocus range, and legacy products including: MX-20, DX-50, LX-60, and 43855A, B, C, D - known as the ‘Alphabet’ products.

Gamma Irradiators
Cis Bio IBL437C and IBL637. Gammacell models GC1000, GC2000, GC3000, GC40 and GC220.
GammaService Medical GSR-C1 and GSR-D1.

Dose Mapping
We also offer Dose Mapping on all manufactured Gamma Irradiators.
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