Innovate with larger specimens in our largest chamber size

Mimicking clinical Radiotherapy imaging and treatments, the SmART+ brings a highly sophisticated expandable platform to the field of Preclinical Research.

The fully shielded cabinet design allows for installations in almost any laboratory space, and features high precision electromechanics and advanced imaging modalities, including fully integrated Bioluminescence imaging, for unprecedented targeting accuracy.

SmART+ uses the superior Pilot software, developed by the esteemed scientific team at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, to offer a full suite of tools for acquiring images, guiding the targeting system, delivering therapy, and system calibrations.

Upgrade your system with SmART Advanced Treatment Planning (ATP) for state-of-the-art Monte Carlo calculation algorithms to rapidly devise treatment plans with gold standard accuracy for static beams, arcs, and even non-coplanar treatments across single and multiple isocenters. Image SmART, Plan SmART, Treat SmART.


Cabinet Features

  • No additional shielding required
  • Flexible design - for installation in almost any laboratory space
  • Rotational gantry: 360°, 0-3 RPM, 6 arc minute repeatability
  • X-Y-Z Animal Stage: 150mm travel in X, Y and Z, 150 mm/sec velocity (adjustable), +/- 2 micron repeatability
  • Cabinet port to introduce anaesthesia and cables to the chamber
  • Complies with US and International regulations for Cabinet X-ray systems (US FDA regulation 21 CFR 1020.40)


Software Suite

  • Pilot® image acquisition and reconstruction, 3D alignment and targeting. Licensed by Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Toronto
  • PilotCal system calibration control software
  • Co-Pilot registration software for Multi-Modality Image Guidance
  • Windows© 64 Bit OS with remote diagnostics + support capability
  • DICOM importable and exportable image data
  • Database Management Tools for easy management of images, treatments and studies by each researcher


Overall dimensions W 66”(170cm) x D 41”(103cm) x H 76.5”(196cm)
Weight 5060lbs (2300kg)
Power 1N PE 110/208VAC +/ 10%, 40A, 50/60Hz or 3N PE 230/400VAC +/0 10%, 15A per phase, 50/60Hz
Irradiation Energy 10 - 225KVp, 3000 W (4500 W optional)
Dose Rate 1 - >600 cGy/min (depending on x-ray settings, beam filtration and collimation)
Beam Filtration User interchangeable slides – 2 HVL’s provided (2.0mm Al, 0.3mm Cu), others optional
Collimation Conformal Collimators available in sizes from 1mm to 100mm round, rectangular, and custom shapes
Beam Orientation Static or Dynamic 0 – 360 degrees
Isocentre Distance 30cm typical
Image Guided Targeting Precision up to 0.05mm
Volumetric Imaging Resolution 0.1mm (nominal)
Volumetric Field of View 10cm x 10cm without moving couch
Acquisition Time Customizable
Imaging Dose 0.1 cGy to 10 cGy (scan-dependent)
Camera Resolution 0.2mm
Filters Available 562 nm, 591 nm, 624 nm, 655 nm
CT Registration Accuracy 0.2 mm
Optical Targeting Accuracy <1 mm
X-ray Power Supply Comet iVario 225kV, 4.5kW, 100% Duty-Cycle
X-ray Tube Comet (600/3000W) Optional (600/4500W) Focal spot sizes are correct
X-ray Cooling System Water-to-Water or Water-to-Air options included with system. Up to 4000W cooling capacity
Optical Camera EMCCD Sensor
9.7cm FOV at imaging isocenter
0.2mm resolution Filter Wheel for support of multiple wavelength acquisition
Fully integrated inside cabinet - easy registration with CT imaging
Imaging Panel Perkin Elmer
Active pixels: (1024 x 1024)
Pitch: 200μm
Total Area: 20cm x 20cm
Capture Speed: 15 fps (30 fps with 2x2 binning)