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The Small Animal Radiation Therapy (SmART+) platform is a state-of-the-art focal irradiation system that mimics clinical radiotherapy and imaging. With its sophisticated set of features and easy-to-use software interface, it is the perfect tool for image-guided radiation research. Using Cone-Beam CT, µCT and a fully integrated Bioluminescence (BLI) imaging module, the SmART+ offers the ability to image, target, and irradiate cells, and small animals ranging from mice to rabbits with unprecedented accuracy. The robust and sleek interface of the SmART-Advanced Treatment Planning (ATP) system allows the user to define complex treatment plans with the simple click of a button.

Range Features

  • Cabinets require no additional shielding
  • Flexible design allowing installations in almost any laboratory space
  • Precision X-Ray electromechanics for advanced targeting accuracy
  • Full suite of software tools for complete system control
  • Rapid, accurate treatments with SmART ATP
  • Complies with US and International regulations for Cabinet X-ray Systems

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With its rapidly advancing imaging and planning capabilities, the SmART system allows the user - whether they are a molecular biologist or an imaging physicist - to truly pave the way for cutting-edge translational radiobiology applications.

Kiran Beera

Product Manager, Precision X-Ray

The clear choice for larger specimens and innovation

Highly accurate specimen positioning with 3D CBCT imaging delivers precise conformal image-guided radiation therapy in animals as large as rabbits.


Advanced Treatment Planning (ATP) System

Upgrade your treatment plans with powerful Monte Carlo dose distributions for complex 3D conformal radiation with unparalleled accuracy.

For complete system and calibration control

Pilot and PilotCal provide advanced control for system motion, image acquisition, delivery of treatment plans, imaging presets and system calibrations.

Developed in collaboration with MAASTRO Clinic, one of Europe’s leading cancer centers, SmART Plan is the industry’s first precision treatment planning software application, designed specifically for small animal translational research.

Brent L. Marinelli

Software Manager / Senior Engineer, Precision X-Ray

The SmART+ platform offers a range of system options

Tailor your SmART+ hardware and software to your specific research and application requirements.