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PathVisionXL has arrived

We are pleased to announce that the Faxitron PathVisionXL is now available.


PathVisionXL is a pathology specimen radiography system that is designed for imaging a broad range of samples, directly in the lab. Best-in-class resolution detector, and largest field of view provide efficiency, quality and precision for your department.

Uninterrupted lab workflow is ensured with PathVisionXL’s Automatic Exposure Control -function, which selects the optimal x-ray exposure settings, regardless of the specimen’s makeup and density. The unit’s expansive chamber also allows for imaging of large, intact samples that include total mastectomies, femurs and full-term foetal demise.

Images are instantly displayed on a 24” high resolution 3.7MP monitor, allowing you to generate final reports quickly and accurately, and then forward them to PACS at a touch of a button. Patients will benefit from receiving timely results. If in doubt, the system can be remotely accessed to provide you with expert advice.

Daax is the exclusive Faxitron distributor for Germany, the United Kingdom and Ireland. If you would like to find out more, call us on 0370 979 9110 or email

Date: 13th August 2018