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Trunode, a singel-use wireless gamma probe from Faxitron


From Faxitron

Single-Use Wireless Gamma Probe

More sensitive, less invasive.

TruNode is optimized for the most common radio-guided surgical procedures. With best-in-class 10% energy resolution, three modes of detection and a smaller operative element, it can detect faint nodes closer to the injection site, better locate hyperactive parathyroids, and identify tumours marked with I-125 seeds.

TruNode is a sterile, wireless, single-use gamma probe that gives the surgeon complete control from the sterile field. The simple to use fingertip controlled probe with voice reporting, is coupled with a compact, IV pole mounted User Feedback Unit, with proprietary heuristic audio feedback technology.

Thumbnail of the TruNode
Thumbnail of the TruNode

Three Detection Modes

Simple fingertip control allows for immediate selection of highresolution ‘Point’, high-sensitivity ‘Scan’, or I-125 ‘Seed’ modes by the surgeon.

Less invasive procedures

The 10mm diameter probe is easier to manoeuvre and with 10% Energy Resolution detects faint nodes closer to injection site and reduces background in parathyroid procedures. Reactive yet stable proprietary audio feedback elucidates hotspots more clearly.

Sterile, disposable and compact

The sterile and disposable probe, with tactile grip, is ready to use with no batteries to replace or cables to find, and no draping required. The compact User Feedback Unit clips on to any IV pole – no footprint, no cords – and features voiced reporting eliminating the need to see the display. The systems built-in collimator means no separate components to misplace.

Cost effective

Low cost enables multiple units to be deployed in parallel, eliminating scheduling conflicts, and with no CAPX to budget, track, repair, or calibrate there is no obsolescence.

Straight tip probe Model # TruNode ST10
Overall dimensions 17mm x 226mm
Operative Tip X reach 10mm x 103mm
Weight 70g
Integrated tungsten collimator Yes
Selectable modes Point (Tc-99)*
Scan (Tc-99)*
Seed (I-125)
*Point mode filters out scatter more completely than Scan mode.
Shielding efficiency >99.9% (Tc-99)
Spatial resolution @1cm air 13 mm FWHM (Point Mode),
14 mm FWHM (Scan Mode)
Sensitivity max air 18,000CPS / MBq (Point mode)
27,000CPS / MBq (Scan Mode)
Sensitivity @1cm air 3,400CPS / MBq (Point mode)
4,800CPS / MBq (Scan Mode)
Angular resolution air 46° FWHM
Probe-mounted controls Power-on & Pair
Mode (Point, Scan, or Seed)
Count Rate Reporting & Averaging
Audio Feedback Range
Volume (includes Mute)
Probe use life Lesser of 100 mins continuous use or
4 hrs intermittent use, or 1 sterile procedure
Probe shelf life 2 years from date of manufacture